Using Pumpkins To Teach Counting, Shapes, Colors and Sizes.

Last autumn my son and I did a fun pumpkin activity for preschool. We started by going to a local corn maze and pumpkin patch and picking out a couple pumpkins to take home with us. My son was extremely excited to be able to pick his own pumpkin! When we got home we counted our pumpkins, talked about their shape and color, and lined them up from the lightest shade of orange to the darkest shade. Then we lined them up in order of size. Next came the fun part! We cut the tops off the pumpkins and scooped out all the seeds or, as my son called it, “the guts”. We separated the seeds from the stringy, fleshy parts and laid them on a pan to dry while we finished the rest of our activity. We carved faces into the pumpkins using simple shapes, like circles, triangles and squares, to form the parts of the face. My son’s pumpkin had a triangle nose, circle eyes and triangle teeth! After we cleaned up our mess from the carving, we headed inside and baked our pumpkin seeds! We made cinnamon and sugar seeds and also some sea salt seeds. This was a great Fall activity that used up all the parts of the pumpkins, and taught some pretty valuable lessons about counting, shapes, color and size!